Emerald Society

In 2018, for our 35th Anniversary, we have initiated a special campaign and the Emerald Society in honor of LBC’s founding director, Elayne Hettleman. Elayne drove the organization forward for 30 years with kindness, courage and tenacity.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 in Elayne’s honor over the next three years.  We are almost halfway there!  No amount is too large or too small.  Will you pay tribute to Elayne and help us reach our goal?

As part of the Elayne Hettleman Campaign, donors who contribute $3,500 or more (payable over three years) are recognized as members of the Emerald SocietyWe only need 29 more alumni to join the Emerald Society to complete our goal.  Will you be the next to join this elite Society?


Morlon Bell-Izzard                          Sen. Francis X. Kelly

BGE HOME                                         KELLY

Eric Brotman                                      Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis

Maria Darby                                       Theresa Leatherbury

Polly Douglass                                   Barry Luciani

John Hayden                                      Matt Sturtz

Jeff Jenkins                                         Whiting-Turner

KCI                                                           Amanda Zinn



For more information on how you can contribute to our scholarship endowment fund, in any amount, please email Amanda Zinn or call LBC at 410-583-5235.