Signature Program

Leadership Baltimore County’s (LBC’s) Signature Program is a community leadership program that brings together high achievers with diverse perspectives to heighten their civic awareness, enhance their organizational effectiveness and become a driving force for positive change in their workplace and Baltimore County as a whole. We offer a variety of activities that enrich leadership capacity and community involvement including, interaction with policy makers and exposure to civic challenges and opportunities in Baltimore County.  
LBC is the only community leadership program that includes a 360° leadership assessment followed by a one-to-one executive coaching session.


What Makes Us Unique:

Our philosophy is that everyone has room to grow leadership capacity no matter one’s title, age, experience or expertise. Accordingly, we provide the gift of gaining insight in how to become a more effective leader.

LBC is the only community leadership program that includes a 360° leadership assessment with a one-to-one executive coaching session.

  • Understand self by learning how others perceive your leadership competencies
  • Based on the results of the 360 assessment, we match class members together to improve each person’s lowest rated competency. Throughout the ten-month signature program, there are three in-class peer mentoring meetings to discuss the Leadership Circle Profile in more detail.
  • Meet one-on-one with our certified, executive coach to strategize best ways to maximize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
  • Explore how to apply your skills within your work place and our community.

LBC is the only program with an inside look at Baltimore County.

  • Dialogue with the County Executive
  • Have lunch with the County Council
  • Discuss public education with the BCPS Superintendent
  • Chat with the Chief of Police about public safety and more

LBC’s program participants plan the monthly sessions ensuring that the program is fresh and current, as well as that it meets the interests of the current class members.

  • LBC addresses hot topics – the major challenges and opportunities of the moment
  • LBC mines the subject matter expertise and talents of the class members
  • Class members hone their skills in team work, research, planning, strategic thinking, facilitation and more

Benefits of  Participating in LBC

Participating in LBC enhances leadership effectiveness for personal and professional growth. Not only do participants get to expand their network across multiple industries, they deepen their understanding of leadership styles and behaviors through peer mentoring opportunities and executive coaching.

Employers value the signature program because it:

  • Provides leadership development opportunities
  • Boosts participating employees’ morale
  • Serves as an excellent high-talent retention AND recruitment tool
  • Offers an alternative for leaders who do not want to take a prescriptive or traditional career path within an organization
  • Assists with succession planning
  • Enhances the effectiveness of its leaders to engage and make a difference in both the company and the community
  • Exposes organizations to decision makers in government, private sector, higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations

Program Details

In-person meetings

  • Two-day, overnight Opening Retreat in September
  • One full-day session per month October through June
  • Session days are in different locations across Baltimore County, based on topic

Experiential activities prior to most day-long sessions

  • Police ride-along before Public Safety Day
  • Shadow a Principal before Education Day
  • Visit a homeless shelter before Social Services Day (optional)
  • Shadow a nurse in an ER before Health Care Day
  • Attend a Baltimore County Council meeting before Baltimore County Government Day
  • Meet with a State Senator or Delegate before MD State Government Day

Tuition fee: $6,200

Participation Requirements

In order to be considered for LBC, the following credentials must be met:

  • Professionals with achievements in career (Director/ V.P. level and above)
  • Demonstrated commitment to the community as a volunteer
  • Sincere concern about the future of Baltimore County and a personal commitment to help shape that future; desire to affect change
  • Ability to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program and stay actively involved in the alumni program; values lifelong learning
  • Full support of the organization or business the applicant represents
  • Each class reflects a cross-section of the County, to include diversity of perspective, sector, industry, ethnicity, gender and geographic location; ability to be both a learner and contributor to the class.


Application Process

  • Candidate attends an information session where details of the program will be shared followed by networking with other candidates
  • Candidate seeks approval/support from the organization where he or she is employed
  • Candidate completes the online application form and submits it to LBC
  • LBC receives application and arranges for an interview
  • LBC President, Board members and alumni interview candidate
  • LBC makes its selections and notifies candidate in August
  • Candidate ensures tuition fee is paid promptly




If nothing else, this [psychodrama] exercise - and this entire program in general - has reinforced just how charmed and sheltered my life is. I hear about people struggling with work, health, employment, mental issues, family issues, etc - but this program has exposed it to me in a very real way. What I really wanted to do was find a way to help that woman out with her situation - she looked completely overwhelmed.

Quote from written, anonymous evaluation

Class of 2014