Volunteer Opportunities

Leadership Baltimore County offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities from assisting with event planning and marketing, to serving on the board of directors. Depending on your skills and interests, we have a spot for you!

Volunteer with us to move LBC forward, meet great people and have fun, all while giving back.
LBC has BIG plans and we want you to help us get where we want to go. 


LBC Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Directors

  • LBC seeks individuals who wish to give their time, talent and treasure to join the board. Candidates demonstrate commitment to LBC and its values (usually through prior service on an LBC committee), the time and ability to actively engage, and resources such as community connections and corporate resources to contribute.

Commitment = three years, 4 hours per month on average


  • Alumni Engagement –  members serve as a liaison between LBC and their graduating class and/or other classes. This includes planning and marketing alumni events, planning class get-togethers, encouraging alumni to stay engaged and become an LBC member and helping keep LBC’s alumni directory up-to-date with current contact information. Committee members act as a two-way communicator providing the committee with interests of alumni and ensuring alumni are keeping up with LBC.
  • Board Development & Nominating – responsible for nominating officers and members to the board of directors  of LBC; developing board members through trainings, self-evaluations and participation in board retreats this includes encouraging  board members’ overall effectiveness and engagement.
  • Finance – committee members assist with financial policy, planning, reporting, internal controls and accountability, annual audits and investments.
  • Fund Development – members are responsible for developing LBC’s annual fund development plan, including identifying and securing corporate partnerships, sponsorships and planning and implementing fundraising events, as well as other fund development strategies determined in the plan.
  • Marketing & PR – responsible for consistently maintaining LBC’s brand identity, messaging, and determining any press/media targeted to specific market segments; develops and assists in implementing the marketing and communication plans, including social media.
  • Program – committee members monitor, evaluate and make recommendations to improve LBC’s 10-month signature leadership program, as well as the alumni program.
  • Recruitment – responsible for strategy and outreach to fill each class with an optimal mix of corporate, government, higher education and nonprofit representatives. This committee will also make presentations to, and/or staff booths at, a wide array of events and groups (i.e., faith-based, sororities/fraternities, corporate lunch and learns and business expos).

Commitment = 1 year, 4 hours per month on average


  • LBC hosts alumni events every month. Many events require extra hands to plan, set up and greet guests.

Commitment = 3 hours day of event


  • LBC sends membership mailings each year, generally twice each fall. We need volunteers to help make copies, stuff envelopes, apply postage and mailing labels
  • Assemble binders for each new class
  • Organize, label and date photographs, both digital and hard copy*
  • Research whereabouts of “lost” alumni*

Commitment = 2 hours per day, when scheduled
*Can be performed when and where you choose!


  • Volunteers are needed to help promote LBC’s events, activities and achievements by writing copy, posting on social media, contacting local media outlets, and creating or reviewing marketing materials.

Commitment = 1 month – 1 year, 3 hours per month on average

Thought Leadership

  • Volunteers are needed to write blogs, white papers and newsletter articles on current leadership trends and/or challenges and opportunities in Baltimore County and the region. These articles are intended to educate our community about leadership, in general, and current events. If an article addresses a challenge or opportunity, it must convey all perspectives so each reader may develop his/her own opinion on solutions. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, LBC must be nonpartisan and cannot endorse any political candidate or ideology. All articles will be attributed to the author(s).

Commitment = 1 month, 4 hours estimated

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"Volunteering for LBC has done more than just provide a feeling of satisfaction in giving back. I've also enjoyed meeting and staying in touch with other alums and learning more about our community and LBC. I know it makes a difference in helping LBC."

Paul Brickman

Class of 2006